Thursday, 13 May 2010

Humble beginnings


When I started I first moved to Ipswich, I got BIG TIME interested in crafting! 
I had just resigned from a very good job with Ford to become a full time Mum & housewife in a new area. 
As my addiction to making cards, scrapbooking, diecutting & everything crafty grew, so did my stash!! 

This is what I used to store a lot of my tools and papers in, to take to my craft groups.  I also had a lovely craft table built by my fantastic husband for the spare room.  We were able to sit together in the evenings, at least in the same room!  Then Molly came along, so I was moved into the box room, then Aimee came along & I was forced into the dining room (I think most of us have been there) 
After a while Rob had had enough and planned to build me an external room to escape to!!
MAY 2005

MARCH 2009

What a great job he made of it too!! It's triangular in shape as we have a corner plot, but it has used up a waste piece of our land and made it into something useful!!  The girls love to use it too, so it could be classed as a family room I suppose!! Rob also escapes there for some piece and quiet and occasionally if he has to work from home, he will go in there!

So here's the bit you all want to see.. It's taken ages to come together, and still needs a damn good tidy up as I've retrieved hidden bags of crafting items from the house over the last year.. but you can get an idea of where I love to hide away from the children and create......

Here is a view as you walk in, you can see the shape of the room now, but having a corner computer desk at the back really makes the most of it!
The original desk that Rob made for me .                                   
Some brilliant storage I got from a DIY shop thats now closed.  They're meant to be shoe cupboards and you can still buy them from ARGOS for about £65.. I bought 2 for £25 each!! BARGAIN!  The great thing is that I used to store my bits and bobs in old shoeboxes/DVD boxes, which now fit perfectly in there!! I was going to put another workbench on top of these 2 units, but I didn't want the desk to dark as I like to do my scrapbooking there.

The great Ikea kitchen cabinets which store (read 'hide') a lot of my stash.  I was going to get the obligitory EXPEDIT unit, but with the room being so exposed to the light, I felt that it was important for everything to be in the cupboards.  I could also store A LOT more this way too. 
This is where I spend the majority of my time!! We were given the worktop which fitted PERFECTLY!!  Rob trimmed down the worktop so that it was more ergonomic.  Now I have loads of space to spread out and stamp!!

Hope that you enjoyed looking, I know it's not as nice as these US craft rooms in the basements, but I love my space and look forward to putting the children to bed so that I can have a play!!

I've been waiting very patiently for this room.  We've always called it the craft shed, I know it's far from it.. but it's stuck!! 
After I've cleared my space up a bit more, I'll show you more of how I organise my space - BELIEVE me.. it keeps changing!!

Bye for now,
Emma xxx


Jamie said...

Love it!!! I don't have a dedicated craft space, just a corner in my front are super lucky! x

Marisa said...

Wow!! It is great to see your 'craft shed' Emma :) xx

Jane said...

OOh Emma, you lucky thing ...... I envy you! What a fabulous space to hide away.

Maria said...

What a lovely little den Emma and such clever use of every bit of space. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm have I got a space big enough out back for hubby to "make me one" lol......

"I think not" would be his reply.

Jo Mann said...

that looks fab.
makes my craft space look so tiny

Jo Mann said...

the craft room looks fab, make my craft area look so tiny