Saturday, 29 December 2007

Post Christmas sigh...............

Joyner peeps Christmas morning
- everyone full of cold and coughs....
oh and Aimee stuffing her face with banana chips!

Well, that was that! Christmas is now over.
I've not blogged for a whole month now! What is going on! Lots to say...

Firstly, the pc is now installed in the dining room - on the breakfast table that was the dumping ground!! It's great there as Sarah can now do her homework, we can all be sociable (as much as you can when surfing!) or at least be in the same room together when playing, eating etc.

Secondly, the front room is TIDY!! With Christmas and decorations to be put up, the boxes, (Yes, it did take us 6 months to move the box with our wedding presents in..) the clothes - ironed and unironed - and piles of craft items have NOW GONE!!! This is the way that I am attempting to keep it as well, it's so nice without the mess everywhere!

Thirdly, because Christmas involves entertaining - not a word that normally enters the Joyner family vocabulary - I tidied the dining table, yes you heard right!! Jo was amazed when she came around yesterday to see it tidy. BUT... yes.. this is the way forward, I've said it before, but it has always reverted back to a crafty organised chaos.. piles leaning everywhere. .. NO MORE!! The Chaos is now in my room, and in the garage, to be sorted and organised ready for the big move into the Craft Shed. ooohh... it won't be too long now!

Lastly, my Mum and Dad are now on their way home..... it's so sad when they return back to France, I don't think that I will ever get used it. But it's meant to be.. We had a really fun week with them. The girls enjoyed their company so much this time around, June (when Rob and I were married) was so rushed and we didn't really spend quality time together with Mum & Dad..... but this time was lovely. We spent last weekend with M&D and Mat & Jill (my brother & SIL) ... it was great - we had an early Christmas on Sunday and were all spoilt rotten by Mat & Jill.

I made some gifts this year, and now that they've been received, I shall post them here. I've been quite chuffed as I've not really been in the mood to create what with one thing and another.. but it's helped me turn things around and move on from a sad last few months.

I also got some lovely crafty presents, well OK with a little bit of a hint to Rob.. well he wouldn't know otherwise!!

I'm aiming to get a creation posted a day to help me keep motivated, it shouldn't be that hard - should it!?

So.... until tomorrow.. I'm off to create.!

Hugs, Em xx

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