Sunday, 6 January 2008

Molly's Creations

See what fun Molly had at Sunday School this morning...
Aimee was in her class for the first time today, it seemed like they had fun and behaved themselves!!
So, on the left we have a parrot whose name is Big EYE (he only has one big eye) and on the right we have a zebra called blue stripes!
We have to thank Beth for helping her of course!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Have just read through all of these, not what i sat down to do but am glad i did, it is fab! Well done you and i dont know about needing a kick up the bum, you should be really proud of what you are all achieving and completely understand where you are coming from with writing things down and it not mattering if anyone else reads it and having something tangible to remember people by - say no more on that one. Anyway will keep on reading but it might not be everyday! Well done you! Joy x