Sunday, 29 March 2009

Birthday Photo Book

It was my brother's birthday and you know what men are like.. I didn't know what to get him.. so I made this for him.. really nice and quick to put together, just goes to show that the Simply Scrappin' sets are absolutely brilliant.. everything you need with lovely colours to match.

I didn't use much from the kit at all, in fact the strips that I put besides the girls pictures are trimmed to half the size, so that I can get even more out of the kit!
I love Kiera's smile on this picture.. it's so cheeky!!
Molly isn't great at taking pictures... so .. what's the word.. rebellious! (I wonder where she gets that from!) I love her to bits.

There... so just goes to show, Stampin' Up isn't always cards.. and isn't always stampin'!! I LOVE IT!!

Bye for now xx

Em x


Steph said...

Well who's a lucky girl then? - that's gonna be an amazing crafting space *green with envy* xxx

Donna said...

This is just fabulous Emma! What great photo's and captured memories. Oh and thanks for the tip to trim the strip (that was bit of a tongue twister lol) Donna x