Sunday, 29 March 2009

Update on craft shed

After speaking to Jenny, I thought that I'd better put up a picture of the new improved craft shed.. I keep on getting told off that it's not a shed anymore.. but sorry.. the name's just stuck!!

Here's the front of it, Rob's now put some more shiplap on the front, but it's purely for show as it's really watertight and draughtproof now.. even with one window missing still! Oh well the glazing company came and boarded it up until they deliver the last bit - can't believe it's been nearly 6 months since we ordered it.

The insides are almost there now. I've been tinkering again today, moving bits about and reorganising cupboards. Initially it was a 'get all craft bits out of the house' mode.. and now its.. 'aagghhhh!! my craft room's a mess!!' Here's what it looked like to begin with..

It is esssentially a triangle shaped room on the side our house - we have a corner plot, which explains the triangle element. The corner desk at the far end was where I first set up and was typing and stamping all in the same space! The desk to the right was also built by Rob when I had space in our -was then- spare room.. that is now in between the 2 storage cupboards (shoe cupboards) and is great for when my friend Helen comes to craft with me.

Now that I've had a tidy around and have to clear some space for Rob to put up the bars to hold my punches.. I'll take some pics tomorrow and give a more 'guided' tour of my lovely room.

Bye for now,
Em x

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