Friday, 30 April 2010

On a ROLL.....

I've been busy getting ready for the card classes that I run, I have one coming up on Tuesday & we're making some MASCULINE cards.. I might even be nice and show you a sneak peak tomorrow..

I also made a great swap last week, but I'm not going to show you as I'm using the design for my MAY workshops, so if you've booked up for a workshop in May you will find out then.

What I will share is how I cut out the birds using the the new XL TWO STEP BIRD PUNCH. This new punch style is so lovely, slimline and still slides through the cardstock with ease.

First of all, here is my first mistake...

I just went and punched out straight away out of the lovely Tea & Crumpets DSP.. and WASTED so much.. I was devastated about my hastiness!!

This is my 2nd attempt when I made the swaps..

Can you see how I trimmed the length of the cardstock down to 'just' fit the size of the bird, and then in turn the wings?

This worked a treat and I worked out that way you 'could' get 24 birds out of 1 sheet of A4.

I just love seeing the piles of bits ready to piece together.  When I do my swaps, I tend to work in a production line, it really helps see when you're near to finishing!!!

And here's a my birdies almost ready to take off!! LOL!! Well I thought it looked cute anyway!

Until tomorrow then... it's NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY, so I'm going to hide myself away in my craft room for an hour or two.
BUT, also, there is a GREAT announcement (for both Customers & Demonstrators) from Stampin' Up! I'm really looking forward to seeing what's happening!! WATCH THIS SPACE (I like using that phrase recently...!)

UNTIL Tomorrow,

Emma xxx


Val said...

great to see you up and running emma, thanks thats a good tip on the bird punch xxx

Stamping Moments said...

Wow! Love your new Blog xxxx