Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Can you tell what it is yet?

So with it being Easter weekend, it was family time, so whilst some of the girls opted for another rendition of Disney's 'Frozen', the more sensible of us opted for a sulk around the dining table!  So in order to try and cheer sad daughter, I suggested some decopatch...
We still had some finishing off to do on the kits the girls received at Christmas, so more 'foxy' business commenced!
I remembered that my beautiful caring Sarah had bought me a kit from Craftability after a bad day at work (to cheer me up!) Can you tell what it's meant to be?  I've first of all covered it what I call 'galaxy chocolate' tissue paper and then once it is dry I will decide how to finish it off...
What do you think of our handy work?

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