Sunday, 20 January 2008

Stamping again...

Why is it I get to this time of night and think... oh damn.. I should have blogged.. it shouldn't be like that - should it!? Well, just to keep my motivation up, I guess that's why I do it... mmmm... Had a bit of a pooooeeeey weekend, didn't feel 100%, and NO it wasn't alcohol induced either! Today I've been recovering and been duly pampered by all the girls with loving hugs (don't need to tell these guys anything, they just 'know' when somethings not right) don't you just love kids!?

Anyhow, here's the same Bella stamp that I used in Katie's card, I paper pieced these ones, but Sarah and Rob said that they preferred the painted one. I had fun cutting out the little bits and using up my 'smaller bits folder' (see Jo, they DO come in handy!)
It's so much fun giving the little Bella's their own character. Molly helped me to choose the colours, I'll have her dressing herself yet.. no such luck at the moment....

Here's the monkeys out of my lovely new set.. I simply couldn't resist, but Papermaze has got 20% off all month.. I couldn't resist these little beauties... I can see so many scrapbook pages being embellished with these! They're Autumn Leaves, a set called Mindy's Zoo.. yummy.. Not sure how I'm going to finish these ones off, I was mainly playing around, I haven't yet stamped directly onto a card, but enjoyed this and embossed them as well, so has all around touchy feeliness! Any ideas for titles to go on these would be great!! Could have a caption comp...
Also, not sure if the right hand one is too busy, I had a play with masking the bits.. and as I read somewhere else... kept the post it in with the pack for the next time I need it!! (Saves on cutting it out every time!)

Finally for today... we've been introducing Aimee to the potty this week!! BUT... (Karen found this out rather rudely SANS (without) knickers on Friday!) SHE DOES LOVE HER NEW WELLIES!!! So whatever her evening attire, is always accompanied with her LOVELY wellies!!

Maybe I should let Molly free with her, advise her what to wear!

Night Night all.. xx

Em xx

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