Friday, 18 January 2008

My Mum is THE BEST!!

My parents live in France, so we don't get to see them very much. We had a great Christmas this year, they came over to England and stayed in a farmhouse near by.

I don't think that I would be as crafty as I am now if it wasn't for my parents.

When Mum met Dad, she was a photographer, she loves crafts, she sews, knits, crochets, loves pottery, cold porcelain, what else,I remember when I was younger she came into school and taught macrame, helped build production sets and probably loads more! Since I started making my own cards back in 1999, I've now got her into card making.. say no more..

Dad, also LOVES creating things.. from woodwork, turning, pyrography, making beds out of sideboards, building chicken sheds! He has a passion for 'his' birds in his garden and I've seen some lovely drawings he's pencilled. His only school qualification is in ART.

Anyway, I guess that's where my artistic flair has come from.

With Mum being in France, she's quite lucky NOT to be surrounded by craft shops, I say this as the creations she comes up with are totally unique with the supplies that she has! She's a total magpie like me and when she sees something shiny, thinks of another crafty uses for it!

Mum now has her own room in their house where she will soon be creating... so I thought a nice pressie for her was this craft bag. So, on the phone this morning I asked if she had filled it... put it this way, sounds like she is getting organised and sorted out her 'small' bits like sticky pads, pens and tools etc.! Secretly Sarah (my eldest) wanted the bag, maybe I'll have to get her one for her birthday... (hope she's not reading this)

The other great news, when i see embellishments made by BIG companies, I always think of ways I could recreate them myself, cheaper.... well with Mum's great craftiness, I've asked her to do some crocheting for me...
I saw these lovely flowers, thought of Mum and asked if she could help me by making some.. and she said YES!!!! She also made me and Sarah 2 lovely crocheted netted (holey) bags for Christmas presents, and she's now made some more for Molly & Aimee, they're going to have fun with them! So they should be coming in the post next week.... ooooooh, like parcels!

I'm on a buzz now from talking to my Mum and Dad, it's so lovely to hear their voices... I really miss them. BUT, shall get on and do some crafty bits with the girls now that Molly's back from Nursery.. Have promised to do some painting (don't do this often as it's messy!)

Em x

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