Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday's creation(ing)

So, Thursday night, browsing ye old Facebook, Rohn Strong (US crochet designer) was asking for people to help him out.  Having finished my blanket, completed a doily and Sarah's hard drive case, I thought why not. 
So Friday morning I received an email with top secret instructions of three clues.  I'm almost finished clue 2 now.  Haven't got a clue if what I'm doing is ok., but hey ho... Has kept me out of mischief I guess.  We can't show the completed project until March 18th, but I can keep you in suspense can't i?! Lol... Call me mean.
So with my back giving me problems again, I've been layed up - crocheting lasting down isn't much fun (read pins & needles!) But I've succeeded in short spurts.


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