Thursday, 17 January 2008

OK one more before going to bed (maybe)

So... if you're anything like me, I read alot of peoples blogs! You can tell alot about what people are into by their title. It's about time I showed you a picture of my shed... sorry conservatory... in progress.
Rob's been working hard on it for 18 months now.. it's included him digging the footings, filling with cement and now putting up the wood base structure.. He's worked so hard and loves creating things (just like me but BIGGER - well he's a man isn't he!?)

OH MY GOSH.. it isn't 18 months at all!! I've just looked at the photos and he started digging the footings in May 2005, so this year it will be 3 years (hopefully completed!)
So, here's the first picture, May 2005. the length of that wall is 15' and the shed will be along that wall.. it's more exciting now that it's nearly finished, I still can't get over the fact that it was almost 3 years ago (bearing in mind we've had another baby since then.. ) But that simply seems ages ago! Time just flies by!
Em x

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Stamping Moments said...

Hope you are feeling much better Emma, The piccies of the Craft shed look great, Jenny x