Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Got behind already!

Well what can I say. The kids go back to school and my blogging goes to pot!! Well, not quite, I've not really crafted much this last week, not through wanting believe me! Our rotten virus cod/flu thingy we had over Christmas turned into an eye infection which turned into a very nasty head cold. (me and Sarah got this - bad) So I've not really been concentrating on much on crafting, eye ache been just too bad..
I went along to craft club last Tuesday and didn't do alot, made a few scrapbook templates and chatted with friends.
Didn't go to my other craft club, just wasn't in the mood, that and it was very cold, windy and rainy last night... yercchhhhhhhh...........
Have sat tonight and made a scrapbook page. I've not sat down and finished a page for ages! Had fun, and now I can't stop! Said that I was going to bed an hour ago, and am sat now printing more photos out for a layout that I have in mind!
I don't write down resolutions, I aways end up breaking them with in a month or so... but in my head I have a list, of to do's that I'd like to achieve. One of them being, to journal and display our photos more. Our children are growing up so quickly, the photos are wasted just say in photo cases or on the harddrive!! I've really enjoyed tonight, being surrounded by lovely photos of our gorgeous family!

Don't worry, more pictures will be posted soon. Have been quite productive tonight and don't intend to stop again now that I can see and concentrate better!

Bye for now - and NO I'm not going to sleep!
Em x

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