Monday, 31 December 2007

Some more piccies

A couple more journals that I've created...

Grumps' one (My dad refused to be called Grandad when Sarah was born 11 years ago and decided to be called Grumps instead... yes, we get asked all the time who GRUMPS is, my explanation is that he's a grumpy old sod - worst thing is that poor Mum is known as Mumps - it's just attention seeking me thinks - on Dad's behalf that is) was made speedily on Christmas Eve. Dad is the kind of person who takes offence with wasteful presents and I had to check with Mum first if he would appreciate a handmade book. Anyway, Dad's a great gardener and has learned lots over his lifetime. He's now gardening by the moon - very interesting and probably uses common sense! So he's going to use the journal to write and design his gardens in it.

I cut the lettering out on my Cricut, using Opposites attract (my fave font cart - so versatile) and the little picture was cut out from a pack of Kim Martin's paper - All Occasions. The green is actually quite flowery, but it looked right. I outlined the lettering by hand, but still would like to get a cricut pen to go in place of the blade - have heard that they work really well with outlining. This time I used Mount board for the covers, it tears a bit when I cut it in my guillotine, but have just sanded the edges. Even cheaper for the insides, some old dot matrix paper that Dad had given me for Sarah to draw on (good job that I decided that it was to good for waste paper - despite the fact I've hoarded it for the past 7 years!! Oh well it's in good use now!)

This next one is for a family friend, Chloe, she must be 14, nearly 15 and has gone through most fashions... goth, mad coloured hair, a very individual young lady! We decided that this was a great design for her, she's doing her GCSE's next year, so will no doubt need lots of space to write her revision notes..

The cover was Dovecraft KRAFT coloured 8" x 8" boards, with the front covered in DCWV Rock Star sheet. I have a lovely friend called Karen who has an ebay shop, who I know I can rely on for papers that I don't have!! I managed to get this set from her on the last day at school, and am so grateful for her!! Chloe isn't really a girly girl, well last time I spoke to her she wasn't! So I didn't put too many ribbons on it for her.

I can't wait to hear what people are using their books for..... I really enjoy making them.
Anyway for now, I'll be off. Didn't make anything today, but will be stamping before long as I have som Magnolia's and Nellie's on order!! Oh.. and a Will'n'Way set as well... I'm so naughty!
Hugs, Em xx

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Mickey said...

Love the book. I would love one just like it if you have time to make it for me?