Saturday, 5 January 2008

Christmas definately over....

Well, the decorations are now down, the funky outdoor lights and the Christmas tree are now down... that's it until 11 months time. What with tidying the front room to make space for the tree, there is now LOADS of space for the girs to play - we certainly had lots of fun this afternoon once the boxes were back up in the loft. I got the camera out and snapped away, even managed to get one of all 3 of them together. They're still a bit pale from the illnesses that they've had, but I'm just glad to see some smiling happy faces.
We played silly buggers all afternoon... it started by Rob getting Molly to get down a ceiling decoration that we missed, and holding her up.. He then had to take it in turn to help her and Aimee walk on the ceiling, got some funny photos!! LOL!
With the visit to Papermaze yesterday, my mind is full of pages that could be done with the pictures!! Guess what I'll be doing this week as well!

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