Friday, 4 January 2008

Big Bums and Beautiful Bella's

A friend stamped these Dolly Mama stamps for me a while ago, and after reading Stamping Caz's tutorial for painting stamps, I was so eager to give it a try.
I have to say that I really enjoyed it, and coloured in 10 in all, so tomorrow I'll be able to quickly create some cards. WOOHOO!! My mojo's coming back.

The photos didn't come out too good, and I couldn't scan them, but the cards that will be made tomorrow, will look fabby, hopefully!

I love these Bellas, they took ages to arrive, but I've enjoyed using them. I used them on some Christmas cards, had the pressie bella. It's great how you can simply adapt stamps to certain situations by changing the colours.

I used my fake H2Os again, they are just so glittery and yummy. However, using a paintbrush can have its advantages, I only used one eggcup of water and when I washed off the glittery paint it left the fine mica in the water. When I went to use the watercolour pencils, and bleed the colour through the image, it left behind a glittery sheen. Nice effect.

Gonna go and make up another book.
Have Craft club on Tuesday, so shall start to think what I'm going to take, maybe I'll do some scrapbooking!?.. have to see what mood I'm in.

Em x

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